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iCollect is an laboratory inventory management software with functions and features supporting standard operations in biotechnology laboratories, culture collections, and biomaterial repositories. In spite of being highly configurable, iCollect provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI). With a few clicks in iCollect, a user can;

  • create any type of sample containers and storage devices,
  • store any type of samples and collections,
  • graphically view the content of all levels of storages,
  • generate and print barcode,
  • record any operations conducted on a batch of samples and
  • search any information in a collection

iCollect has been designed to support multiple-collections and multi-user environment. iCollect is developed using Microsoft VB. Net Framework and MySQL to ensure interoperability across Microsoft’s Windows platforms.

Any organizations and individuals who are interested in iCollect program can contact to get the software license and find technical support at TBRC Service center[http://tbrcnetwork.org/contact_us.php]

Tel: +66 (0) 2117 8001, +66 (0) 2117 8003

Email: tbrcservice@biotec.or.th

Extra file downloads for iCollect:

  • Reference data for risk group classification (according to Thailand’s pathogens and animal toxins act, B.E.2558) : iCollect_risk_group.xls
  • Reference data for taxonomy classification (last updated on 2018-10-01) : iCollect_taxonomy.xls